Venture Capital

As an entrepreneur Khoshbin is always looking for opportunities, venturing off into other businesses as a seed-stage investor committed to identifying, financing and developing early-stage growth businesses led by promising entrepreneurs.

We aim to find talented teams with scalable projects and accelerate their growth process to maximum extent and make a successful exit within a period of up to two years.

General Criteria:
Technology & Consumer Products
Stage- Seed/Growth
Capital- $50,000-$500,000

When evaluating a project, we take below listed criteria into consideration. Existence of these conditions would make our investment more favorable:

  • Having an innovative service or product
  • Addressing a real problem
  • Having competitive advantage
  • Being marketable
  • Having a high revenue potential
  • Being non-labor intensive
  • Requiring a short time to market period
  • Having high profit margins
  • Capital requirement being appropriate for our scale
  • Being in line with regulatory requirements
  • Management team
  • Maturity and completeness level of the product and management team
  • Scalable


If you feel your business or product meets the above Criteria please contact us by filling out the form below:

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