Manny Khoshbin arrived in the US with his family at age 14 with not much money or resources. As an entrepreneur at heart, Manny Khoshbin soon realized the opportunities that existed in America and started his own business in 1989 at age 18 while still attending High School.

In the early 1990’s, Manny obtained his real estate license and started a realty and mortgage company so that he could invest in distressed and bank owned properties.

Today Mr. Khoshbin is guiding several companies in all aspects of its business. He is personally involved in all acquisitions, dispositions and other material transactions, and maintains a hands on management approach with The Khoshbin Company with a commercial real estate portfolio in excess of 2,200,000 Square Feet in 6 states.

Although his main trade of business is real estate and he sees it as his backbone. He has ventured off into other business trades and as an entrepreneur loves to challenge himself with a dream of having a vast enterprise expanding into many other businesses.
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